The only platform you need to manage, teach, and learn.

We have developed the best all-in-one software solution for educational institutions and e-learning


Focus on what matters

A LMS that fits your needs

Elevating your knowledge transfer to the next level. Simple to use yet advanced enough to fit your needs.

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Learning journeys.
Give your content a structure. Create learning journeys and let your users learn in a structured way.
Advanced analytics.
See how your students are doing. Get detailed analytics about your students and their progress.
Event management.
Create on-site and online events. Manage your events and let your users register for them.
Each course has its own communication channel. Communicate with your users and let them communicate with each other.

Create faster

Say hello to our AI assistant

Accelerate your educational journey with our innovative AI Assistant, a tool designed for expediency and precision.

Transform PDFs Into Assessments
Just upload it to our AI assistant, and watch it rapidly create relevant assessments from its content.
Unparalleled Customisation.
Our assistant stands ready to tailor-make educational content fitting your precise needs.
Time is on Your Side.
Our AI Assistant replaces hours of labour with mere seconds of generation.

Easy. Powerful. Ready to run.

The digital backbone for your institution

We build the easiest way to structure your institution in the digital realm. Our administration is designed to fit any organization, no matter the size.

Flexible by design.
Whatever the structure of your institution, we got you covered.
Semester automation.
Let us do the work for you. We automate your semester management.
Powerful role managment.
Assign moderators, admins and more to your whole organization or specific areas.
Room Management.
Manage room schedules and confirm their availability. Book them for your events.
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Plan better

Advanced schedule automation

Juggling institutional schedules can be a puzzle. With our groundbreaking scheduling system, say goodbye to complexities, and welcome a seamless wave of scheduling ease - the future of time management is here.

Smart event planning

Plan smarter, not harder. Our intelligent system proposes optimal time slots, turning event planning into a graceful journey.

User availability

Experience the power of seamless synchronization. Our system presents a clear, unified view of user availability, fostering productive collaborations and efficient scheduling.

Room management

Book rooms and see their availability with our advanced scheduling system that offers a comprehensive view of all institutional rooms and their current status.

The Workbench

Create content like never before

Create learning content with our powerful editor. Use our powerful templating engine to create content faster than ever before.

AI supported.
Tired of manually creating content? Our AI helps you create content faster than ever before.
Drag and drop.
Our drag and drop enabled editor makes it easy to create content without any prior knowledge.
Recycle previous content.
Our AI helps you recycle previous content and create new content from it.
Save to our cloud.
Like the content you created? Save it to your cloud and access it from anywhere.
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