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We are Fuxam, an edtech startup from Berlin. On this page, you will get a brief overview of our history and our partners. From here, you can also navigate to the History and Team pages

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Our journey

The reason:

In late 2021, the journey began. Emerging from the corona pandemic as students, Julian, Leo, and Oliver faced numerous challenges with their universities: lack of digitalization, multiple disjointed tools, a tedious learning experience, and low motivation.

Motivated by these frustrations, the founding team decided to develop a comprehensive platform for universities.

The mission:

Fuxam is dedicated to digitalizing the education system, particularly in higher and further education. Fuxam aims to assist institutions in creating an enhanced learning experience for students, learners, employees, and customers.

Our software, FuxamOS, extends beyond learning management. The platform supports every aspect of the learning experience—from creating a learning schedule for participants and facilitating communication between learners and teachers, to issuing certificates. The goal is to elevate education to a suitable level for the modern era.

The vision:

Fuxam's objective is to efficiently digitalize numerous educational institutions across the DACH region and Europe, with the ultimate goal of becoming a world-leading platform for higher and further education institutions.

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