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Learning Management System

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Learning journey

Enhance student engagement by crafting exciting, gamified learning journeys. Structure learning like never before.

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Grading system

Monitor student progress, attendance and much more in one view. Easily identify members who need further support.

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Every course features a communication channel. Facilitate interaction among users and keep them engaged.

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Establish course goals and automate the evaluation of students’ performance based on their progress.

Drag and drop

Content creation

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Drag and drop

Create your materials and assessments with our drag-and-drop editor, featuring a ton of elements to choose from.

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Create with AI

Use the power of our AI for lightning-fast content creation. Upload a document or provide a topic, and let our AI do the rest.

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Recycle content

Develop reusable templates or engage our AI to repurpose existing content for immediate use.



Store all your content on your personalised Fuxam Drive and manage your documents seamlessly from there.

Manage, Teach, Learn and more. All in one software.

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